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Why Shop At Foremost?

Before Ordering Gold or Silver, Please Read
Questions about online shopping?
Here are some great answers!

I am afraid to use my credit card online.

Foremost Jewelry & Gifts uses a PayPal shopping cart to process our orders. PayPal, an E-Bay company, is the world's premier online credit card acceptance resource.
Your card information is sent by encryption, to PayPal, from our site. We never see your credit card information. PayPal instantly transmits only the encrypted order information to Foremost.

This is secure ordering at its best.

I would rather speak to a human being.

If you would rather order from a "live" person, just phone. You will find the number on our
"Customer Information" page. Be sure to check the phone schedule as we are not always available. Or, You can leave a message and we will return your call.
We will take your order and transmit the credit card portion to a highly rated credit card acceptance company via encrypted e-mail.
This is EXACTLY the way it is done in the resturants, stores and attractions that you patronize.
Foremost does not retain credit card numbers or sell, share or otherwise transmit customer information to a third party, except as stated above.

But, I enjoy the "shopping 'til you drop" experience.

Then shopping online is for you!
Foremost Jewelry & Gifts gives you more SPH
(Shopping Per Hour).
No driving from home to store, to store, to store. No parking in a vast parking lot and walking those foot sore "miles" to finally face the crowds and unfriendly or uninformed clerks, only to have to stand in line at a register to check out and trek to your car again. And if you use public transit...forget it!
No walking, driving or riding in a blazing sun, thick humid hot air or wind and rain. Of course, one other way to avoid all of that misery is to wait a while. Then many of you can face bone chilling cold. Sleet and snow. How about accident causing ice?!
And, remember, that all that money you spend on gas, perhaps parking, too, will now be available to spend on something nice for yourself or even nicer as a gift for someone else.

When I shop in a store, I can pick up and examine the merchandise.

You can also put it down and forget it. Or, have it stolen. And you have to carry it around in a clumsey bag or box. What a pain!
Foremost gives you large pictures so that you can see detail as clearly, in some cases more clearly, than if you were holding the item in your hand.
By the way...no one, here, will try to pressure you to buy. Or stand and stare at you. But, if you don't get all of the information that you need, next to the picture, just send us an e-mail. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

When I shop at the store, I can take my merchandise with me after I make the purchase.

Well, you've got us there. When shopping online, you do have to plan ahead. You can find our shipping schedule,
The trade off is...lower online prices, greater selection, easy shopping from comfortable surroundings at YOUR convenience, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
You decide. After all, online shopping is all about choice.

But, sometimes I like to get out of the house.

We do, too. However, we find that we like to spend our time socializing with friends or having a great meal away from home. Try some of the wonderful attractions that you never get to see because of all the "extra time" you need to spend traveling around to make a purchase.
Enjoy the shopping experience at home. Send the kids to a friends house. Put the dog out in the yard. Now, get a beverage of your choice...perhaps a snack. Make sure the room is just the right temperature. Do you like it bright and sunny? Or, dark and moonlit? Put on some music that YOU like.
Foremost Jewelry & Gifts

Wait, wait! Foremost Jewelry & Gifts is great and all that, but what if I don't see what I want?

On most of our pages, you will be reminded that we have many items not shown on the site. E-mail a description of what you are looking for and we will let you know if we have it available.
Even Foremost does not have everything. But, shopping online has another advantage. You don't have to drive or walk or bus to another location. Just go to our extensive
"Resource" page. There you will find a multitude of jewelry, gift and information web sites, all previewed by us, to give you the best selection of merchandise and the best shopping experience in the world.

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